Creating joyful, empowering education which enhances livelihood options, creating socially and environmentally conscious citizens who are catalysts for change.

In late February 2020, we surveyed parts of Chimbel, Goa’s largest slum area, and spoke to adults about their education. We found that a large number of adults in Chimbel are literate, but only on documents

There are always new schemes released by the government, but in those they only pass you and give you a certificate so you seem literate on records, they do not actually teach us anything.”

Over 25 adults in the small area of Chimbel that we interviewed wanted to continue their education properly and finish it, get to learn for once. A lot of them also showed a keen interest in wanting to learn English. Our project is still underway due to covid restrictions, but we and our team of teachers plan on giving those in Chimbel the education they’ve always deserved. We urge you to volunteer
and join our team of teachers to help educate those in Chimbel.