Our Stories

Curators Foundation was founded in February 2020 by Shamila Siddiqui and Kamran Siddiqui.

We are located in North Goa, near the base of our operations, i.e. Chimbel, which helps us understand their problems at grassroot level, like the severe lack of education for both adults and children, very prevalent oppression of women, and multiple cases of domestic abuse, extreme poverty leading to unhygienic living conditions and many more.

Curators Foundation is all about taking care of what is not cared for. Our core areas of operations are education for all, women empowerment, healthcare, and the environment. We are an NGO based in Goa, India.

Giving is a joy even if it’s only a smile, and if we are able to replicate more smiles, our mission will be a success.
To make any country successful, every individual plays a role. We need to transform the lives of those who need support to contribute to the development of our nation.

We’re currently a family-based NGO looking for more volunteers, our contributors ranging from young adults to senior citizens, and we are looking for your support to help us make Goa a better, safer, more educated state.

We believe that for every problem, education is the final solution. Hence, our main motto is to educate all, children or adults. Keeping this our priority, we intend to adopt the biggest slum of Goa i.e. Chimbel.